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  • Thu 3rd Mar 2016 - 12:19pm

    Andaman and Nicobar Tour Packages Panama Surf Travel; Rights, Lefts, barrels, long know what I am talking about right? If not, let me explain. Panama has the shape of an S which is the first letter for swell. Since we have this shape we are able to get every direction of swell that moves this way at any day of the year. Surf breaks in Panama include warm water point breaks, sand bars; shore breaks, reef breaks and sizes can variate in between 2 to 20 ft year round.

    If you have the balls bring your jet ski and tow board and we will take you to places you never dreamed about! If you just want to relax then bring your long board and we will place you right across a 4ft pealing barrel. If you want to do some aerials, then we take you to places with a bit of onshore pealing waves and if you don't own a board then we will get you one. Panama Surf Travel

    Panama Fishing; There are more game fish records broken in Panama than any where in the world! Panama has some of the best fishing in the world at close proximity. Once you jump on a fishing charter in Panama City you will have opportunities to catch enormous tuna, sailfish, grouper, mahi mahi, sierra and many others! Did you know that there is something called the Panama Current?

    If not, then its just a little bit of 30 knots offshore winds hitting the Pacific Ocean is so strong that will take the warm water out to Ecuador and creates a vertical current from the bottom of the sea filling up the empty space. This current also mixes all the rich plankton particles around and calls nature meaning giant monster fish will visit these areas. To learn more on this area log into Panama Fishing Tours and Yachts


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