TopicThe Truth About the Xocai Chocolate

  • Thu 3rd Mar 2016 - 8:54am

    The Amissio Formula Review Fax machines, those out of date, annoying things, right? While fax machines might be an old piece of technology which has since been surpassed by the internet and latest mobile phones, they still offer a fantastic marketing opportunity for many businesses - which is often overlooked. Fax marketing involves creating a design of what you want to market, it might be your business and the services you offer, advertising a new product or showcasing your latest offers.

    The design can be created in any graphics editor, which needn't be expensive, is a free program offered online, which, whilst still in it's development stages and therefore full of bugs, can be used to make some impressive looking faxes with a little creativity and know-how. Once the design has been created in it must be exported as a.png from an.

    File, then using an image program such as file is converted to binary to make it black and white, usually the option gives the best result. Another thing to note with faxes is that the pictures should preferably be black and white and line pictures, others can be used but they must have a white background as obviously when they come through the fax they will be entirely black and white.

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