TopicBinary Option Trading is Like Predictable Roulette

  • Thu 3rd Mar 2016 - 8:29am

    The Amissio Formula Review

    Let me asked you another question concerning the products (since we're on the subject.) What would be better? Buying products that you consume because of the opportunity to make money OR buying products that retain their value and makes sense to buy even if there was no opportunity attach to it?


    I think that's a pretty good question. That question was an eye opener for me. No wonder why the attrition in most Network Marketing company is so high. It's because, the average guy consuming the magic juice is doing it just because he's making money from it. If it was not for the money, average Joe would not consume the products. Now I want to step back a little, I'm not saying that you should not consume a product that you really like and that has helped you with your health or other areas of your life. Au contraire, you should be excited about it. And if there is a business attach to it, then go for it.

    A binary network marketing plan that really works is one that has the highest possible ROI (Return On Investment) and the best products (products that anyone would want to have a garage full of it because it has no expiration date on it, and it actually increase in value over time.) Those two criteria is needed for a binary network marketing plan to really work. And of course, a rock solid leadership team to make it smooth and nice.

    My advice for you is to really look at the motives behind what your business support team is doing. We're in this industry to enrich our lives and those around us. To do so, you want to be part of an exclusive group of people who finally crank the code about this industry.

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