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  • Mon 29th Feb 2016 - 12:05pm

    Biting your nails The habit of biting nails is widespread and it is even regarded as a pathological grooming behavior, just like hair-pulling or -twisting, and picking skin. A person usually does this when he is stressed, excited, or bored. Warts happen more often on Sistema de libertad para la disfunción eréctil PDF skin that has been broken. Nail biting can open the door for the virus.Grooming sections with warts To prevent spreading the virus, do not brush, clip, comb or shave areas of your body that have warts on them. If you touched a wart while grooming, minimize risk of cross-contamination by washing your hands straight away.Sharing stuff with others or using wart removal tools on various parts of the body



    If you have warts, you are likely using emery boards or pumice stones to decrease the visibility of your warts. You should not use these tools on other areas of your body, particularly those that are free from warts. These tools must be soaked with a bleach-type solution after using them. Towels, razors, footwear mustn't be shared as well as these may have been exposed to their owner's warts.Picking warts This will only make your wart problems worse. Not only will this spread the virus to adjacent tissues which are otherwise in good condition, the virus may also be transferred to other parts of your body that you will touch. If you're having difficulty preventing yourself from picking warts, cover them with duct tape, but remember to change the tape every 2 days.

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