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    Flourishing fart!Say in shell Xiao heart of pure loyalty:"Took off clothes to take baking in the mountain cave yesterday, had already once seen, not basically flourishing, this person still kept so loving large talk ……" she also feels warm ocean ocean at the same time of, play with teacher Liao to stimulate so much like this ah, it is all true to he's words on MSN to have so a little to hope him.Don't dare to neglect, return to a words:"That is all right, see you for me, however, I don't let you see first ……""Be exchange a condition Lonzo Ball Ucla Jersey, the younger sister also takes a look your breast for me, the elder brother is very lonesome."Six truly reach to say.Shell Xiao Dan again annoy again funny:Teacher Liao returns be really abnormal condition.She tactfully refused:"Let you see again next time.""Okay, you can forbid to play to depend on next time."The video frequency conjunction is successful, appear on the screen of a heap of is soft to fall of male and flat breast meat, even if there are no others in room, the shell Xiao Dan still has guilty conscience to turn head to see one eye."Yi, teacher Liao has no so fat!"The appearance jacks up gradually, end settle the space is on the face, this is a to completely make she surprised face, the beard pares off cleanly, eyelid with single fold small eyes, garlic nose, thick mouth-with teacher Liao have no the half divide likeness."This ……this person isn't two classes of grade one of form master six truly reach!How can is him!"Shell Xiao Dan the full face is astounded, foolish slowly didn't talk before computer.The fourth intercollegiate league match chapter 080 special and spectacular motorcycle"The younger sister has a class to all looking at me every day, whether very sweet?"MSN up again deliver come six truly reach of news.Teacher Liao damning!All originally is cheating me!Incredibly let I and this mean male teacher is so very much in love for several days!Shell Xiao Dan suddenly the Ceng ground station rise, on stretching hand to push all of the liquid crystal display, keyboard, book and notebook of table to the underground, the thing is held up by circuit, Hua a greatly ring.She still didn't solve spirit and made an effort to lift table of bottom dynasty sky Michael Jordan North Carolina Jersey, computer host box the Pa Ta dropped out."Small Dan, small Dan, so late you at dry what?"Shell Xiao the mother's interjection outside the door of the Dan."Nothing important!"The shell Xiao Dan coarse voice thick spirit ground is lain prone in response to the way bed up, full is exasperation and injustice, the wrath had 30% and left of whole is an injustice.Is smelly abnormal condition, dead abnormal condition!I can't believe you any further!Precious liar, big loafer! The worry nobody of young girl can understand and start the MSN number that she wants a teacher and unite four eyes to invade the teacher's computer then grow virus for him together, but want to the back of the number but save selfishness, want to tease Liao to learn a soldier to be some kind of, this just bear temperament network up chatted several days. More get along with descend discover a teacher more of mysterious and extraordinary, wager ball make to smile on the ground, on the classroom prelecting of difficult idea, on the singing performance inferior performance, and yesterday the camping fall difficult, his responsibility and man's flavor, let the shell Xiao Dan some times all feel teacher of MSN of trivial was like to change personal, but this number is he in person give of ah, have a leave? No matter how it is say, she now is since the disappointment lost again, the one heart is empty, seemed to be suddenly to lose a direction. The shell Xiao Dan seemed to think of what, Xing Xing however tidy up thing, re- connect a good computer, pass in this set computer quality so much, in addition to a few nicks, basically nothing important big Ai.Switch on to be online, six the news truly reaching immediately spread to come over:"Feed, younger sister, you how don't talk, you still at?Feed?" The shell Xiao Dan sneer way:"Hey Hey, who is your younger sister, well you is six fatties, unexpectedly dare to flirt this miss ……" Input a smiling face hair pass by:"Elder brother Michael Jordan Unc Jersey, ashamed, just dropped line."Six truly reach at full of beans in the other party suddenly log out, he doesn't very not bear and wait unusually anxious and fretfully, is about to shut down to go to bed, have never thought small again be online!"The younger sister, the good younger sister, shows me your appearance good?" Shell Xiao Dan the mood at the moment with just had been as different as chalk and cheese, immediately feel a burst of bad cold:"Six fatties, you the means that hasn't once experienced this miss BE?" Be elaborating chat with him and making a phone call to four eyes:"Feed, four eyes, two classes of grade one of form master six truly reach your understanding?, Have no how, his IP address is 222, You invade his computer right away now and see to have what data.Quickly, little bothersome, this spoilt daughter of a rich family is vexed!"Six truly reach but the mind and body be full of to dulcify, fantasizing the other party is his/her own girl, Lin Xiang, in the class to draw, then, this girl invite at a certain meet, "good elder brother, close close relatives' house ……".Just thought, the good matter came right away, small novel:"Elder brother, I think alone and you together, tomorrow noon release from school me the forest wait you at the back of the school good?""Like well, all right!"Six truly reach hurriedly saliva of wiping off the corner of mouth, send out to return to. Four eye Zis have already got into six to truly reach at this time of computer, see his chat record, unavoidably puzzle a way:"Xiao Dan, do you how can and suddenly want the whole this guy?I see him is than the teacher Liao abnormal man.Say, how deal with?"The shell Xiao Dan time way:"Okay, not leave without seeing each other Tyler Herro Kentucky Jersey, I wait you."Say to four eyes:"Cover up a virus for him first to supervise and control, see his MSN up have what contact person, he doesn't stop to send out a yellow information for the teacher and the president in the school.Then tomorrow I call tiger they go to in forest ambush." "Okay, this very in brief ……complete!Does teacher Liao didn't°yet is whole enough, you how have energy to play another?Six truly reach to there is so great attraction?" "Teacher Liao …… affirmation want the whole, didn't allow to pass ……" shell Xiao Dan gnash teeth in hatred way. Morning exercise on Monday morning time, the whole school students all do to hold on the drill ground, everybody's partition one meter distance, 18 classes line up into 18 phalanxes, along with broadcasting action tidy uniform, become grand view, occasionally have the female kid to wear short skirt to lift a leg to kick Deng, can also arouse a great deal of concern. Grade two 2 classes at least have 1/3 of classmates have never done to hold, button up moral conduct for cent though button up, anyway whole deathless person. By this time fly into a super special and spectacular motorcycle from doorway in the school, pass a central Yong way, the huge tailpipe ejects a huge voice to ring and shake the earth all at tiny vibrate, arouse the student's attention.The man of car wears a pair of sunglasses, the hair puts indiscriminately with the breeze, and the dress Shan opens a few buttons to seem to be unrestrained unruly. "Feed, who is this person ?How so Ye?""His car is very cool!"Bellowed a voice to even once cover a broadcasting, the car breeze generally arrived at two classes of grade two of the phalanx Be ex- to jilt a bottom, drag along to together and clearly wipe a scar in the cement ground, stopped down."Feed!Your this kind of people doesn't know to do to hold is train for physical fitness?Why an all lazy ocean ocean of?Still have, how can little so many people, where did the Cui government go to?"Person of car a feet prop up carriage Zion Williamson Duke Jersey, a feet put in taking a pole and take off sunglasses to scold for the Nu. What!Teacher Liao!Is this overbearing bird person unexpectedly that cultured and frail teacher Liao?Grade two 2 classeses pour to have a greater half classmate not to believe his/her own eyes.Don't you say that he only has an electric power bicycle?How can open a luxurious motorcycle, see appearance more expensive than car. The glasses of four eyes almost drop to the ground, where have already lend good car to show to put to come on teacher Liao? The students obviously make for the mishap coming all of a sudden caught unprepared, action in succession become slow down.Someone is frightened that the Xun leads a director, just for coping with to settle a dispute, do to hold a Chong number on the drill ground, someone even for the sake of an immature and funny reason:Packing is cool, but intentionally does presentable, make an effort going abroad to mutually have fun for classmate.The whole campus is two classes of two years actions don't moderate most , sparse pull of without more than ten individuals, the brigade row doesn't become brigade row. "See what to see?Haven't sawed the rich?All give me the Islam room to go!"Liao learns a soldier to shout a way. "What?Teacher, hasn't morning exercise lesson time ended!" "Is little bothersome, all return to, you again continue next go to by himself/herself can to he or she shameful!" The students are to beg it not get, ignore the taste of other class classmates, slowly walk toward the classroom.The one side of some persons walks to still just hang up a shoulder to take a back and loudly talk to smile with other people.

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