TopicHigh Blood Pressure Danger

  • Mon 29th Feb 2016 - 6:46am

    Erect On Demand Review Your face a battle against a "silent Killer"! High blood pressure warning signs are very difficult to identify. That is why many look upon high blood pressure as the silent killer. It seldom exhibits any easily identifiable symptoms! A startling fact is that millions of people suffer with this dangerous health problem without knowing it.


    This is not a static situation. Undiagnosed high blood pressure increases slowly over time. An important part of the battle against high blood pressure is to have it checked regularly, especially if you fall into the certain racial or age groups. The fact that high blood pressure is hard to spot is bad enough, but 90% of the time its cause is unknown. When the cause of high blood pressure is unknown it is called "essential hypertension." The word "hypertension" is the medical term used to describe high blood pressure.



    In addition to essential hypertension, where the cause is not known, there is secondary hypertension. That is when high blood pressure is caused by a disease or other physical problem. Common causes are kidney or thyroid disease. A wide range of factors are associated with high blood pressure. They include genetics, age, race, stress, obesity, smoking, a high- salt diet, smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, and a lifestyle that includes very little exercise. Can you see that almost everyone could fall into one of those danger groups?



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