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  • Mon 29th Feb 2016 - 12:22pm

    Mend The Marriage Review

    It's well worth making your own personal list of five things which you are quite simply unwilling to compromise upon. Make that list, write it down and share it with your best friend. Ask them to keep an eye on your relationships and see from the outside that your deal breakers aren't overlooked by you in your desire to find your mate.


    Logic and emotions do not always sing from the same hymn sheet. It is all too easy for you to become emotionally involved with someone even though your logical mind is telling you that you are falling into the same old trap one more time. You find yourself justifying why you are with him or her and overlooking those things which are really important to you and would inevitably come between you in the end. This is why it is a good idea to ask a friend to keep a logical, unemotional eye out, just to keep you on track.


    Another thing that you can do is to spend a little time visualizing yourself with that perfect partner, the one who doesn't violate your five deal breakers. Imagine yourself meeting this person and the life you could have together. In this way you gain a feeling of positive expectation, and your mind becomes more open to finding the perfect relationship which will really work for you in the long term.


    Every thought that you have is a form of energy which attracts what you are thinking about into your life. So don't waste your thoughts and energy on worries or the fear that you won't meet the right person. Instead, invest a little time in picturing yourself meeting your true soul mate and attracting them into your life.

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