Ranked teams are coming to Superior Gaming

Fri 29th May 2015 - 12:29pm : Gaming

 At Superior Gaming we have hosted quality daily draft tournaments for months now. Over time we haved built up a considerable loyal player base. To reward this loyalty we are rolling out our ranked team program. This program will rollout over two phases. Phase one involves the creation of two Superior Gaming ranked teams. These teams will be geared towards high-elo competition.

However don't fret if you aren't in the upper echelon leagues because Phase 2 is for you! Phase 2 involves the structure for you to create, maintain, host and improve your ranked team experience. This entails a sign up system for registered Superior Gaming members. The members must not be on more than 2 ranked teams hosted by SG. Next all members of the team must agree to record gameplay through baronreplay for a weekly coach / analyst session. Also teams must play a minimum of 5 games per week. When a Team is able to meet this criteria a channel in teamspeak will be created for their team to utilize when playing. When a team continually meets this criteria on a weekly basis a custom team logo will be created for the team. 

-See you soon on the rift,





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